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René's Gear

At the very beginning of my musical adventure - and after a few piano lessons - I purchased in 1973 a Yamaha Electone BK-20 home organ with an integrated rotating speaker system and 60 Watts amplification. This instrument influenced my playing a lot more than I realized. I used to practice classical music at home for my church organ lessons and at the same time the Electone gave me the opportunity to discover more jazzy phrasings because of its unique percussive sound and the Leslie effect. (Chick Corea used a very similiar organ when he was in Return to Forever)


A lot of different keyboards followed during the next decades: from mono synthesizers to polyphonic ones ; from totally instable analog products to digital workstations. Currently I am playing these keyboards:






1 KeyB Organ: Hammond-B3-Klon (+Ringmodulator)

2 Nord Electro 4 (Marimba/Clavichord/Piano)

3 KingKorg (Solosounds)

4 Prophet 08 (analoge Solo- wie Begleitsounds)

5 Korg Kronos (Multitimbrale Sounds: Layers, Choir, Brass, Strings, E-Piano)

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