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Our playground, designed for themes and ideas, which were primarily worked out during the pandemic. The lockdown and other restrictions made it almost impossible to have rehearsals on a regular basis. So, homerecording was the flavour of the past months. Some of the bits and pieces will maybe end up as a part in yet another movement. Only the future will tell. Still, cye the Band are are alive, well and busy making music.

René Tecklenburg
Keyboard-SoloRené Tecklenburg
00:00 / 05:28

René Tecklenburg: keyboards, Billy Oden: drums

Recorded at the shed in Fehraltorf in April of 2022.

00:00 / 06:16

CYE: Peter Lüthi (dr), René Tecklenburg (key), Susanna Maeder (voc), Heinz Brunner (bs) fltr. Recorded 2013, produced by Heinz Brunner.

A Poem of ImpatienceRené Tecklenburg
00:00 / 06:46

"A Poem of Impatience" greift in die tiefen Regionen der klassisch inspirierten Weltmusik. Der Keyboarder der Zürcher Art-Rockband "Cye" beweist mit dieser Eigenkomposition, dass der stilistische Übergang von "Cye" bis Modernclassic nahtlos ist.

Billy Oden
DRUM SOLO_BANDLAB_260422Artist Name
00:00 / 01:44

Billy Oden (dr) and René Tecklenburg (key). Recorded live at the shed in Fehraltorf in March of 2022.

Marko Heinemann

TMP - The Malix Project are:

Marko Heinemann - electric and acoustic guitars

Felix Mueller - bass, percussion loops, harp, keyboards (

with special guests:

Christoph Beck - drums, graphic arts (

Christian Roffler - keyboards (

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