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"Wake up!" a voice whispered softly into the familiar darkness of the night. Winter it was - and had been for many years. CYE could only vaguely remember the sight of rich green meadows. In his dreams, they returned again; the flowers and scents; the warming sunrays and the sounds of bells in the distance.

"Wake up, CYE!" Reluctantly, he opened his eyes and looked at the deeply-ruffled face of his companion. They had been on their way for days in the quiet wasteland of gently rolling snow dunes. The solemn expression of his companion reminded him of a task whose meaning had long since been forgotten behind a wall of hunger and pain.

"Let me rest," CYE sighed. Moments of silence passed, which seemed unbearable. He looked again at the stooped figure. Only now did he realize how old his fatherly friend had become: "How long did I sleep?" "It must have been your fourth transformation," his friend replied with a voice full of incomprehensible grief and restraint. As if in a trance, CYE gazed at his limbs, which by now had become quite human.

"You know, it had to be - it was your purpose from the start." From a group of peers he - CYE - was chosen to set out on a journey. At the end there would be no returning home, but the final break with his kind. His memory was extraordinary, as was his highly sensitized perception; Nothing escaped CYE during his trip. Often he wanted to close his eyes, but an inner voice urged him to observe, hurried him along, whenever he found a place of peace and quiet. With his highly sensitive senses CYE was exposed to all influences which broke in on him. At the beginning of his long journey, CYE was fairly indifferent to his task. But soon doubt overshadowd his mind. All the contradictory events: the concurrence of controversial content and experiences - all the pain and relief, disappointment and happiness, seemed to influence his perception and memory.

CYE knew it couldn't be far to the "great gate". But what was he supposed to disclose? Didn't he already know that his mission had failed? Or was this his oblivion - his goal - his doubts his final step. CYE is here. CYE is among us - similar and yet different.

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