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The perception of time is  generally entangled, confused, skipping from moment to moment with indefinite intervals in between. The regular continual course of time is absent in dreams.’

(Waldemar Bogoras 1925)

René Tecklenburg and Marko Heinemann started their long-term collaboration in their late teens, carried away by the open-minded attitude of the early 1970s: a never ending adventurous journey.

In the following decades they developed and refined their own ambitious musical language, accompanied by fellow musicians, who helped them with their creativity, skills, patience and generosity to fulfill their dream.


Thanks to:

Robert Ackermann (bs)

Heinz Brunner (bs)

Boris Bühler (voc)

Tino Lees (bs)

Peter Lüthi (dr)

Susanna Maeder (voc)

Martin Müller (drums)

Frank Nascimento (voc)

Michael Ricar (keys/producing)

Ueli Spörry (dr)

William Steffen (producing/keys)

Daniel Voss (bs)

Petar Vrdoljak (bs)

Michael Wernli (voc/bs)

Stay curious for the next chapter!

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