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"In the winter of 2020/21, I began to toy around with a guitar riff and a melody. I added some basic drums, bass, a bit of strings and even a harp for effect. It sounded all very basic. But it inspired me to record more and soon the pieces became more elaborate.  At the time I was still involved in the mixing process of cye The Band's "The Strange Animal from the North". So after yet another mixing session at Tonstudio Nagelfabrik I presented my first songs to our mixing engineer Felix Mueller. He agreed to help me with drum loops and some decent bass playing. In the end I came up with 12 parts and Felix became involved a lot more. He rearranged bits and pieces, played bass, added keyboards and a bit of harp, programmed percussion loops and finally established contact with drummer Chrstoph Beck and keyboarder Christian Roffler, who are both very well known in the Swiss music scene. With Felix's support and connections, the Malix Project came to full swing. Thanks a lot to everybody who contributed".  Marko Heinemann


TMP The Malix Project presents XII, a musical journey in 12 Parts (A - L), based on ideas by Marko Heinemann and realised with the help of Felix Mueller, Christoph Beck and Chrigi Roffler.

More Infos:

The Malix Project

Marko Heinemann - electric and acoustic guitars

Felix Mueller - bass, percussion loops, harp, keyboards (

Christoph Beck - drums, graphic arts (

Christian Roffler - keyboards (

Parts A to L were written by Marko Heinemann.

Recorded at home and at Tonstudio Nagelfabrik in Wetzikon, Switzerland.

Produced and mixed by Felix Mueller

Mastering by Eric Merz at Little Sinus Home Studio in Bern, Switzerland.

Video editing by Marko Heinemann.

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Anton "Squeezer" Andersson













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PT Vlogs UK


Aron Akesson






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All rights reserved. @The Malix Project 2023

TMP The Malix Project:

Bonus Track "Winter"

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