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...about strings, sticks and keys!

  • heinemannmarko
Marko Heinemann, 11.Juni 1957, Zurich, Switzerland

Bought his first guitar at the age of 14. On and off, he has been René's musical partner since teenage days. Founding member of cye The Band.

Idols: John Petrucci/Dream Theater, Steve Howe/Yes, Genesis, Ian Crichton/Saga, Jimi Hendrix

Fun Fact: He can't sight-read (what's that?) after all these years. It's all in the ears anyway...

Billy Oden, 26.Juli 1955,
St. Louis (MO), USA

Studied piano from age 5 - 12. When he heard Sly and the Family Stone he switched to drums. Founding member of cye The Band.

Idols: Return to Forever, Frank Zappa, Rush, Yes, Porcupine Tree, Tribal Tech

Fun Fact: He has been living in Switzerland for nearly 40 years. If only his German could prove it!

René Tecklenburg, 14.August 1957, Zurich, Switzerland

Started to play piano and organ at the age of 12 and has been the driving force behind various musical projects. Founding member of cye The Band.

Idols: Keith Emerson, Eddie Jobson/UK, Richard Wright, Patrick Moraz, Chick Corea

Fun Fact: He strongly believes, that every strand of silver hair is worth gold.

Hans für HP
Special Guest Hans Neber, 2.Juni 1962, Worms, Germany

Picked up bass at the age of 11, after his older brother had brought home an old bass guitar. Has become a deeply valued asset for cye The Band.

Idols: The Beatles, Deep Purple, Mother's Finest, Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, Sting, Dirty Loops

Fun Fact: Played German Schlager at the age of 12 in bars and beer tents.